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Mac Business Solutions has donated numerous iPads so the children are able to take classes.

Christyne Nasbe, a former Peace Corps volunteer from Washington is heading a non-profit organization in rural Kenya with the help of the local government there. Her passion and hard work has led her to her mission of setting up and establishing a library for underprivileged children. Thousands of books were shipped from this area to bring literacy to the disadvantaged community. This is a place where they can go after school to learn and explore beyond what their means would allow.

Mac Business Solutions has donated numerous used iPads so the children are able to take classes that can allow a level of learning with today¹s technology. The library not only offers books and classes but priceless knowledge of the environment, planting a vegetable garden and creating a clean water supply for the children who visit the library daily.

Literacy and knowledge should not be considered a luxury but a necessity for young children and the mission of the Polkadot library is providing exactly that to a less fortunate community. If you would like to donate to this amazing cause please click the button below:

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