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Here's Why You Should Always Keep the Find My iPhone Feature Enabled

On the face of it, Apple's Find My iPhone feature does what it says. If you lose your iPhone, you can identify its last known location by looking in the Find iPhone app or on the iCloud Web site, and you can make it play a sound. It's great for tracking down a missing iPhone,...


Let Your Fingers Do the Walking: 13 Essential Trackpad Tricks for Mac Users

A trackpad is not a mouse. In some ways, that's obvious—you swipe your fingers on it, rather than dragging it around. Less obvious, however, are the many gestures that make using a trackpad on your Mac faster and more fun these gestures aren't limited....


Being an Apple User Means You're Not the Product


A Simple Technique for Decluttering Your Reminders List


Here's How to Load the Desktop Version of a Web Site on an iPhone or iPad


Did You Know This Hidden Trick for Opening System Preferences Panes Directly?


The Secret Keyboard Shortcut for Comparing Before/After Edits in Photos on the Mac


Apple Is Discontinuing Its Photo Printing Services—Here Are 7 Alternatives

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