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Who Should Buy the
New iMac Pro?

Apple's new iMac Pro has started shipping, and it's an astonishing machine. Put simply, it's the most powerful Mac ever, a title it will likely retain until Apple releases
a new version of the Mac Pro, promised for sometime
in 2018. But for now, what's special about the iMac Pro, and should you buy one?


How to Split Restaurant Checks with Apple Pay Cash

You're out to lunch with tech-savvy friends, one of whom picks up the check and says, "Just send me your share via Apple Pay Cash." Say what? Apple Pay Cash is Apple's new person-to-person payment service, designed to make it easy for individuals to send and receive money.


How to Request a Battery Replacement for your iPhone


Having Trouble Switching Apps on the iPhone X?


Amazon Prime Video Finally Comes to the Apple TV


Looking for More Image Editing Power than Photos Can Provide?


Five Things You Should Never Do
with Passwords (& Three You Should)


Learn How You Can Adjust Web Site Behavior with Safari's Site-Specific Settings

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