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How do I turn the iPhone Off (and On Again)?

For the most part, you never have to power down your trusty
iPhone, but there are two rare situations where doing so might
be useful.

If your battery is getting low and you won't be able to charge
before you absolutely need the phone later in the day, turning
it off will prevent it from running out of ...



The Fastest Ways to Switch between Virtual Screens on Your Mac

When you click the green zoom button in a window on your
Mac, that puts the window into full-screen mode.

It's a great way to maximize screen real estate on a smaller MacBook screen, for instance, but how can you switch between these virtual screens quickly?



Reply Quickly to Messages on
Your iPhone's Lock Screen

Want a faster way to reply to a conversation in Messages? If you see a Messages notification on
the Lock screen of your iPhone 6s or later, press
and hold on it to expand it into an interactive box
where ...


Four Ways to Make the iPhone Easier to Read without Glasses

If you have 20/20 vision or are still wondering why your parents have reading glasses, count yourself lucky.
If you're like many people-over 60 percent of the population by some estimates, including most people over ...



Here's Your 30-second Crash Course in Dealing with Broken
Web Pages

We've all hit a Web page at some point that doesn't
load fully, looks wrong, or doesn't work as it should.
It's not your fault, but here are a few things you can
try on your Mac. First, press Command-R to reload
the page.


Get to Work More Quickly with
the Right Mac Login Items

There's a French culinary phrase—mise en place—
that means "everything in its place." The idea is that, before you start cooking, you organize and arrange
all the ingredients for the dish so they're right at hand when you need them.



How to Use Siri to Set iOS

Has your iPhone replaced your alarm clock? Would
you like it to? Using an iPhone as an alarm clock
has a lot of benefits. You can choose from a wide
variety of non-obnoxious sounds or even pick your favorite song. It's easy to set an alarm..


Uncovering the Mac's Hidden

It's easy to find and open the Mac's standard menus
—all you do is click a word or icon. But did you know about the Mac's hidden menus? They contain many useful commands, but the Mac's user interface provides no clue to their existence. Here's what you need to know.



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