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11 reasons
Mac means business.

Reason #1

One seriously powerful chip.

The Apple M1 chip changes everything. Custom technologies. Blazing-fast processing. And incredible power efficiency. In short,it’s a breakthrough for breakthroughs. For your entire team.

The Apple M1 Chip

Reason #2

See Reason #1.

It’s that powerful. Supercharged by the Apple M1 chip, MacBook Air is up to 3.5x faster than before.1 Multitask across projects, analyze spreadsheets while you video conference, and crush even the most performance-heavy tasks.

Reason #3

Our loooo
battery life.

Our loooooooooooooooongest battery life.

With jaw-dropping battery life — up to • 18 hours — MacBook Air delivers the power to work where, how, and for as long as you want.2

Reason #4

Mac works with IT.

Set up devices from anywhere with zero-touch deployment. And manage Mac at any scale with mobile device management.

Deployment and Management (PDF)

Reason #5

Mac works for companies without IT.

Mac is intuitive to use and easy to manage. Simple setup and Apple’s Migration Assistant help you get Mac up and running quickly. And its reliable hardware won’t let you down, so it’s perfect for companies with or without dedicated IT support.

Reason #6

Mac costs less in the long run.

With fewer support tickets, less software needed, and higher residual value, the savings add up. Compared to a PC, a single Mac could save you $843 over three years.3

Forrester TEI Study (PDF) Dollar Sign Graphic

Reason #7

The most innovative companies run on Mac.

84 percent of the world’s top innovators deploy Mac at scale.4

Reason #8

Excel. Zoom. Slack. And so much more.

All the business apps you need run beautifully on Mac — from Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace to SAP and Dropbox.5 And thanks to the Apple M1 chip, popular iPhone and iPad apps for work can now run on Mac, too.

Productivity (PDF)

Reason #9

built right in.

Mac is the most secure personal computer on the planet, thanks to built-in features like hardware-verified secure boot, on-the-fly encryption, Touch ID, and Gatekeeper.

Platform Security (PDF)

Reason #10

Mac Loves iPhone.

Mac feels just like the Apple devices employees know and love — and they all work together seamlessly. Copy and paste across devices. Extend your screen. And pick up calls anywhere.

Reason #11

It's a pleasure
to work with.

Give your team the devices they love and let them get down to business.

Employee Choice Guide (PDF)

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with Apple Financial Services

MacBook Air

MacBook Air

Power and value in one package. MacBook Air is perfect for businesses no matter their size.

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MacBook Pro 13

MacBook Pro 13"

The Apple M1 chip takes the powerhouse notebook to a whole new level of pro.

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MacBook Pro 16

MacBook Pro 16"

Incredible processing and a big, beautiful display make it the go-to for big, beautiful work.

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iMac 24

iMac 24"

The can-do desktop gives you more ports, more power, and more versatility.

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Apple-Centric Support from Mac Business Solutions

Integrating Apple® devices into your organization is a money-saving decision that will increase your productivity and reduce service costs. And integrating them doesn't need to be a challenge for you.

By partnering with Mac Business Solutions you're getting access to the experience needed to plan, deploy and support your entire mobile fleet and employees, including software/hardware support and lifecycle management.


  • Readiness Review
  • Device Evaluation
  • Financial Planning
  • Training Scheduling


  • Hardware Testing
  • Asset tagging
  • Setup Guides
  • Reporting and Tracking


  • Flexible Support Programs
  • Repair/Replace Service
  • Spare Pool Management
  • Remote Diagnostics
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