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An employee-focused experience

To stay competitive, it’s critical for businesses to provide employees with the best tools for their work.

Apple® products are the best for business because they are simple and intuitive, yet powerful, secure, and easy to deploy. Whether it’s Mac®, iPad®, or iPhone®, all Apple products enable creative problem-solving and provide frictionless experiences that enhance employee productivity. And when employees have access to tools they know and love, the whole organization benefits from greater engagement, a newfound culture of ownership, and improved employee retention and loyalty.

An employee-focused experience extends beyond purchasing into other areas, such as communication and support. IT teams should think about involving users in designing the program, from how the program is launched internally, to training and how the help desk operates. Including users in the process ensures that your program will be effective from day one and helps to keep your team’s stakeholders aligned with the program’s strategic goals.

Traditional procurement

In many organizations purchase decisions for workplace technology were traditionally made centrally by IT and dictated by the business. Devices were often preselected, ordered centrally, warehoused until needed, and then distributed to all employees at the same time. The only alternative seemed to be a BYOD (bring-your-own-device) program, which required IT to simultaneously manage a vast number of different versions of software and hardware, all while procuring devices from multiple sources and managing everything with disjointed tools.

A better option

Today a better alternative is a corporate-provisioned employee choice program, as each employee has unique technology requirements and often prefers a particular device type, upgrade cycle, size, or even color. By supporting Apple products and implementing choice for both iOS® and macOS®, IT can empower everyone to decide which products will work for them, while maintaining corporate standards. And with new financial models in place, the business can maintain desired cost structures and still give every employee the flexibility they desire.

How we can help

At Mac Business Solutions we have almost a decade of experience coordinating deployments both for government and enterprise and can help you orchestrate your employee choice program including deployment, kitting, asset tagging and MDM provisioning among others.

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