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Mac Business Solutions

Online Service Ticketing Application

The Service Ticketing Application was created for Business
and Government customers who have a service contract with
Mac Business Solutions.

This application will allow you to:

  1. Submit service orders to either our Frederick or Gaithersburg Service Teams.
  2. See your service order history and search by reference/ticket
    # or device serial number.
  3. Check the status of all your service orders in one page.
  4. Get automated service order updates via email.
  5. Chat with our online service team.
Submit Service Form

Submitting a Service Order

The service form will guide you through the submission process:

After you enter all the required information, the form will print two sets of our service terms and conditions and the the order details.

Sign/date one of the sets and ship it with the computer to be serviced.

You will receive a confirmation email right after you submit your service order.

Our service team will send you status updates via email as the service order progresses through its different stages:

  1. Queued
  2. On Bench
  3. Parts Ordered
  4. Waiting for Callback
  5. Sent to Apple
  6. Invoiced