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Enterprise Connect

Seamless AD integration for Mac

Apple Professional Services will help you integrate Mac into your Active Directory (AD) environment — without binding.

Enterprise Connect provides an easy way for your Mac users (whether in the office or in the field) to connect securely to your enterprise services. It re-establishes the single-sign-on trust as soon as a Mac user connects to your network via VPN or wakes from sleep. A customizable audit script verifies Mac compliance with your security requirements.

Enable your Mac users. Easily.

With Enterprise Connect, you can help your Mac users access enterprise resources — without binding the Mac to AD and without users calling IT. Enterprise Connect provides features such as password management, Kerberos support, account management and share management.

Who should use Enterprise Connect?

Enterprise Connect can help you in the following scenarios:

BYOD & self-supporting Mac users

  • End users manage their Mac
  • Constant prompts for authentication
  • Missing Windows-mapped drives

    Account management difficulties

IT supported Mac users

  • Bound to AD
  • Users often don’t log out
  • Kerberos TGT renewal often fails
  • Password changing issues
  • Constant prompts for authentication
  • Missing Windows-mapped drives

Enterprise Connect Benefits

  • Single-sign-on
  • AD password expiration via Notification Center
  • Mac audit script
  • Account management
  • Network share mapping
  • No AD binding required

Areas Covered

  • Enterprise Connect testing
  • Enterprise Connect deployment
  • Support


  • OS X Mavericks (10.9.x) and above
  • User Active Directory credentials
  • Windows Server 2003 and later

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