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Transform your business

Improve your app development cycles — optimize processing and accelerate learning curves.

Many companies want mobile apps, but are new to mobile or iOS development. Struggling to develop and deploy enterprise apps that surprise and delight, may slow iOS adoption. To transform your
business, you need a plan. Every business is unique, so there’s no
one-size-fits-all strategy. Apple Professional Services can help.

Our senior developers can evaluate your development processes, systems, skills and vision — and then provide actionable recommendations that can accelerate your development cycles for
your enterprise apps.

Move from idea to prototype to deployment — Quickly.

Timing is critical. That’s why we complete the Readiness Review
within a few weeks, combining both onsite and remote services to carefully assess your development environment and report our
findings and recommendations. This process includes:

  • Pre-visit calls to get started
  • Up to three days of onsite evaluation — meeting with key stakeholders about your existing iPhone and iPad apps, current infrastructure, mobile deployment concerns, best practices and support policies
  • A formal Readiness Report generated using the onsite discovery, internal research and reviews
  • Review of the Readiness Report with your team to discuss key findings and recommendations
  • Transfer knowledge and help developers plan next steps

Readiness Review Benefits

Apple Professional Services combines onsite and remote services to:

  • Validate customer strengths
  • Improve customer app development processes
  • Point out obstacles to development and adoption
  • Shorten learning curves
  • Provide clear action items for improving app development

Areas Covered

  • Existing apps
  • Engineering capabilities
  • Management support
  • IT support
  • Existing systems
  • Development tools
  • User culture, technology and data workflow
  • Security testing


  • All services completed within three business weeks

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