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Mac Business Solutions

BYOD Product Bundles for Vertical Solutions

Mac Business Solutions has more than 33 years of experience providing pre-configured solutions for business, goverment and creative markets.

Our expertise ranges from desktop graphic solutions to enterprise-level storage, backup and content management solutions.

Our products – curated, approved and pre–configured are created to cater the needs of specific departments across multiple organizations.

Advantages of Our Private Stores

MBS can provide your organization with private, closed online stores specially tailored to your needs.

    We provide:

  • No-Fee consultation
  • Exclusive pricing
  • Multiple payment types, including payroll deduction and pre-approved stipend
  • Easy access to documentation and tutorials
  • Onsite support and traning events
  • Customized sales reporting
  • Products are assignable to customer groups
  • And much more!

Third Party Products

In addition to Apple products and bundled configurations, MBS stores offer accessories, storage, and video/photo equipment from manufacturers like Moshi, Canon, G-Tech, Sonnet, Western Digital, Logitech, Seagate, Belkin, Bose, Epson and HP among others.

Pre-Configured Departmental Solutions

MBS BYOD stores allow the administrator to group users by position or department, assigning specific product bundles to different groups.

For example, certain organizations may be willing to allow everybody to pay with credit card, but only Purchase Managers can pay using a company PO. Or you may want everybody to be able to buy iPads, but only users who belong to the IT department can buy certain iMac bundles.

Default CTO Options

All products may include configurable options such as Memory, Storage and/or additional accessories. Some of these options can be enabled by default, in which case, the store will dynamically show the base price plus a options breakdown right below the final price.

Alternatively, some of the product’s options can be configured in such a way that they CANNOT be disabled. This is useful when AppleCare or certain display adapters should be mandatory with every purchase.

Customer Service

MBS provides Self-Support, Live Chat, Email & Phone Support.

Text documents are available for online browsing and download (PDF). These documents include user guides, white papers and FAQs.

Live Chat, email and phone support is available M-F from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm EST.

Phone support is offered via our toll-free line (888) 354-0100.

Secure BYOD Store Access

User accounts in MBS BYOD stores are very secure and are validated by the employee’s email address. User accounts using generic domains such as yahoo.com or gmail.com are not permitted. Only pre-configured domains will be accepted.

In addition, access to MBS BYOD stores can be controlled by a Store Gateway, which requests the visitor to type a Store Key in order to enter the site.

This store key will be available to all employees, for instance, via intranet wiki or internal email communication.