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Windows Integration

Filesystem Integration

Apple computer can natively read/write from and to FAT32 and ExFAT partitions without the need of any third-party software. Reading files from NTFS partitions is also supported natively. The ability to write to NTFS partitions can be added via third party software, which is managed via the System Preferences panel.

Network Integration

Mac OS - Windows Network integration has been greatly enhanced over recent years. With current Windows computers being able to discover Macs via Apple's bonjour protocol and Macs effortlessly integrated into Windows Directory services, both parties can be put to work together in little time.


Long behind are those days where running Windows applications on Macs was considered little more than an experimental feat reserved to the realms of a tech lab. Now you can run almost any Windows OS on Macs, both standalone or in parallel to Mac OS via virtual environments. Windows application run fully stable, while having access to Windows and Mac-formatted drives seamlessly.

Active Directory and MS Exchange

Mac OS' Directory Utility allows Apple computer to join Active Directory Services, including password policy enforcement, Kerberos authentication, support for Active Directory Groups and more.

Apple Mail, Calendar and Contacts applications can interface with Microsoft Exchange Servers after the Exchange account login info is entered once in the OS' System Preferences Panel (under Internet Accounts).

How Mac Business Solutions can Help

Our integration services encompasses a broad variety of scenarios, from the home office user needing to run a point Windows application to full integration of Macintosh computers into a corporate network.

Our team of seasoned professionals offer phone, remote & on-site consulting and support services. Please contact us today at (888) 354-0100 or contact us online.