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Mac Drive Repair

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We can recover information from a damaged drive in almost any situation where there is no need to physically open the drive. We charge our standard service fee for data recover ($100/hr.), but at 1.5 hours minimum charge will be applied due to the nature of the service. This can be handled as separate service work or as part of a major service request (ie: your MacBook fell on the floor, we can fix its display, change the case, recover its data and copy it back into a new drive).

Typical data recovery situations:

  • A folder with a Mac face appears during startup
  • You get the message "The disk is damaged, do you want to initialize?"
  • Mac volume does not mount and Disk Utility does not see the drive (when run from the provided OS X installer DVD).
  • Files deleted accidentally
  • The disk makes noises; eg. chattering, clicking, grinding.
  • Partition formatted accidentally

Most of these situations are a consequence of different hardware or software errors, like:

  • Corrupted Operating System
  • Bad sectors in the disk
  • Directory or volume corruption
  • Catalog file corruption or damaged nodes
  • Extents or Extents Overflow file corruption

If you find yourself a potential data recovery situation...

Don't attempt to recover the data yourself

The more you try, the more you risk losing the information. For instance, if your drive has a mechanical problem, every time you restart the computer and attempt to do anything you risk causing mode damage.

Don't open the computer unless a qualified technician requests you do so

In some cases if you open the computer, then you're violating Apple's warranty and we (or any other Apple Service Provider) will have to charge you for repairing it. Please note that while data recovery is not covered by the Apple Warranty, if the computer is under warranty then the drive will be replaced free of charge IF you have not voided the warranty.

Don't open the drive!!

Only highly-specialized data recovery facilities can open your drive in a safe environment (called "clean room"), think of it as a hospital surgery room for your drive (with face mask and everything!). The only thing you will accomplish by opening the drive is to completely wipe out all your chances of recovering your data. Also, you will have voided any warranty still remaining on the drive under Apple Care or even first year.

Should we find that we are unable to recover your data we can provide access to a data recovery service with some discounts having gone through us. We will provide you with the information you need including a discount code should you want to send your drive out for data recovery. This process can be expensive, but only you can put a price on whether you need your data or not.

Following the data recovery (or attempt)

We are sure that you have heard it stated, that you should back up your data routinely.  You do have some easy choices to accomplish this.

First, if you are running Apple's latest OS, Leopard (10.5.x) you will have access to Time Machine. All you need is a backup drive and you will be two clicks away from (hopefully) preventing any future data loss.

Or, if you are running OS 10.3.x or 10.4.x and have a Mobile Me (formerly .Mac) account you will have access to Apple's Backup program. Again, you are but a backup drive and a couple mouse clicks away from protecting your data.

Lastly, you can purchase a non-Apple product designed to back your data up.


If you have further questions please Read Our FAQs or Contact Us by e-mail or at (301) 590-2555.


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