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Deciding how to pay for technology is as important as choosing the right technology. Whether you need one system or an enterprise-wide deployment, financing allows you to pay for equipment as your business grows, not before.

Flexible upgrade options

Apple Financial Services provides future flexibility with easy upgrades.

Keep cash on hand

Financing typically requires little or no cash up-front.
Keep your cash for those expenses that can't be financed or have a longer life cycle.

Get all you need for success

With Apple Financial Services, you can bundle equipment, software, services and even non-Apple technology all into one easy payment.

Manage technology obsolescence

The pace of technology advancement challenges businesses to maintain a budget while keeping up with the competition. Leasing offers the benefit of mapping your budget to keep pace with both advancement and the competition.

Tax benefits

Your business may be able to take advantage of the tax benefits that certain leases offer.

Determining when to finance technology acquisitions.

Financing your equipment makes sense when:

  • Budgetary foresight is essential.
  • Budgets lag behind the need for updated technology.
  • IT resources are strained by annual technology equipment cycling.
  • Competitive pressures demand better or expanded business technologies.
  • Financial and technology professionals want to map payments with the technology's life cycle.
  • Available cash is needed for equipment and facilities with longer life cycles.
  • An overall asset management plan is necessary to keep technology current and to dispose of outdated systems responsibly.

Commercial Credit

Change happens. New systems, new applications, and new processes can emerge to make your business more profitable. Or they can make your competitors' business more competitive.

Life cycle management

Every business has different requirements for managing a budget and an IT infrastructure. Our financing programs are designed to help you meet your business' unique technology life cycles, maximizing value and minimizing waste.

Managing balance sheets

There is a financing structure available to meet every business' specific needs, ranging from off-balance-sheet, operating lease structures to capitalized lease-toown structures. Apple Financial Services has a plan to satisfy the needs of both your business and your tax advisor.

Enterprise Networks

Large networks require coordinated planning to deploy, to manage, and to upgrade. A network equipment lease through Apple Financial Services fits perfectly with these plans.

Why Apple Financial Services

A MBS representative will work with you to design a technology and financing plan that is right for your business. Your infrastructure can scale to include a diverse range of products and services, from hardware, software, networking, and technical support to administrative and billing services.

Maintaining flexibility

Apple Financial Services' lease options provide the tools needed to keep pace with change. A lease through Apple Financial Services allows you to add to your solution as needed or to upgrade your systems with consideration for your budgetary requirements. Combined with a unique approach to documentation, the financing process means fewer hurdles for your company's IT and purchasing department


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