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BYOD Online Stores

MBS can provide your organization with private, closed online stores specially tailored to your needs.

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Product Bundles for Vertical Solutions

Mac Business Solutions has more than 24 years of experience providing pre-configured solutions for business, goverment and creative markets. Our expertise ranges from desktop graphic solutions to enterprise-level storage, backup and content management solutions.

MBS BYOD stores’ primary product offering consists of curated, approved and pre-configured mobile and desktop solutions created to cater the needs of specific departments across different organizations.

Third Party Products

In addition to Apple products and bundled configurations, MBS stores offer accessories, storage, and video/photo equipment from manufacturers like Moshi, Canon, G-Tech, Sonnet, Western Digital, Logitech, Seagate, Belkin, Bose, Epson and HP among others.

Launch & Workshop Events

MBS frequently organizes on-site events featuring top products, keynote presentations and mobile support help desks. Customers can get their devices configured, applications installed and learn new features released with the latest iOS and Mac OS versions, all at one single event.

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