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Call us at (888) 354-0100 to talk with our experts about your Mac IT Needs.

Mac-Centric, experienced professionals at your reach

We count on a team of Systems Engineers, Graphic/Video Production Specialists, and Certified Technicians who will tackle your problems and find a solution.

It is the combined knowledge of all these professionals what makes us the best option for Business Service and Deployment. We know the hardware and the software in and out, and we know how to make it work together seamlessly.

Apple Certified over and over again

Our team of Apple professionals hold the latest Apple certifications like: Apple Xsan Certified, Apple Certified System Administrator and Apple Certified Technical Coordinator, just to mention a few.

We can solve small or complex problems. From workstation issues to Network Conflicts. Advertising Agencies, Newspapers, Video Production Facilities and Government entities among others have been served by MBS since 1990.

Services we provide:

mbs-service-vanOn-Site Service

Apple trusted MBS as a Direct Dispatch Location for the Washington DC Area in 2006. Since then, MBS' Service Department has honored that confidence by providing an outstanding service (rated at 97.1% per apple.com survey) to the most prestigious government institutions and businesses like the National Institute of Health, John Hopkins Hospital, Howard County Public School System, Washington Post Newspaper, among others.

We can dispatch a specialist (or team of specialists) both during business hours and evenings/weekends to solve Network, SAN, Video Production, or any other problem that must be solved on location. We have ample experience with Mac-Only and Mac-Windows environments as well.


On-Site Maintenance and Upgrades

Need to upgrade your software or Operating System? We can upgrade a whole department in a fraction of the time it usually takes. Overnight work is available, so everything will be upgraded and working smoothly the next day.


Phone and Remote Support

Small Software problems can usually be solved just by having an MBS expert guide you throughout the issue, over the phone. If your workstation has access to the Internet, then Remote Desktop is the best option.

Our expert will see your computer's desktop just like if he/she were seated in front of it. That way, we will be able to determine what the problem is faster, and fix it if there is not a hardware problem involved. You only need to download the remote control application at http://www.mbsdirect.com/remotesupport

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Production Applications Support

MBS counts on actual in-house, permanent graphic designers and videographers.
These professionals are trained to help you sort production problems like font management, color profiling and calibration, video compression, etc.

They also work actively with our Engineers when we have to build solutions for specific design, printing, photo or video needs. That allows us to create the perfect configuration every single time.

In-House Repairs

For single workstation repairs, you can ship your unit to us, have it repaired by our Certified Apple technicians and shipped back to you.  To expedite the process, you can submit your service order online so we will have all the information we need before the computer arrives.  We serve computers under the standard Apple Warranty, AppleCare and Out of Warranty.

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