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Apple Enterprise Deployment Services

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Apple Devices can transform business.

Macs can significantly boost productivity and give your employees the freedom and flexibility to work in new ways, whether in the office or on the go.

By supporting OS X, IT departments are viewed as shaping the business strategy and solving real-world problems, rather than fixing technology and cutting costs.

Embracing this new way of working leads to benefits across the entire organization. With Mac, users have access to high performance, flexible tools, and solid security so they feel empowered and are able to creatively solve challenges.

Infrastructure and integration.

OS X has built-in support for a wide range of network infrastructures including Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, Wi-Fi, VPNs (virtual private networks), and other standard services. Mac Business Solutions' Certified System Engineers can help you integrate your new Apple devices into a new or existing network infrastructure.

Configuration and management.

OS X supports advanced tools and technologies to ensure Mac can be set up easily, configured to meet your requirements, and managed efficiently in a large-scale environment. Different MDM tools are compatible with Apple's Device Enrollment Program. At Mac Business Solutions, we have years of experience configuring and deploying Apple devices using MDM tools such as Casper Suite and MaaS360.


OS X is designed to securely access corporate services and protect important data. It provides strong encryption for data in transmission, proven authentication methods for accessing corporate services, and full-disk encryption for all data at rest.

Internet services.

Apple has built a robust set of services to help users get the most out of their Mac. These services include iMessage, FaceTime, iCloud, and iCloud Keychain. All these services are managed under a single Apple ID, thus simplifying the management of these services by the user.

App and book distribution.

There are a number of ways to deploy apps and content throughout your organization. Programs from Apple, including the Volume Purchase Program and the Mac Developer Program, enable your organization to buy, build, and deploy apps and books for internal users.

Planning for support.

MBS provides a variety of programs and support options for OS X users. Before deploying Mac computers, find out which options are available for your organization and plan for any support you’ll need.

Device Enrollment Program

The Device Enrollment Program (DEP) is a part of the Apple Deployment Programs (ADP), which help businesses and educational institutions easily deploy and configure iOS and OS X devices. DEP provides a fast, streamlined way to deploy institutionally owned iPad and iPhone devices and Mac computers that are purchased directly from Apple or participating Apple Authorized Resellers or carriers.

Volume Purchase Program

The VPP store lets you purchase world-class apps and engaging interactive books that are great for business. Purchase content in volume and equip your entire workforce with innovation.


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