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Top reasons organizations are switching to Mac

Top reasons organizations are switching to Mac

It’s simple. Employees love getting things done. Fast. That’s why they love the Mac. And that’s why more teams are requesting the Mac at the office.

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Integrating Apple computers into your organization is a money-saving decision that will increase your productivity and reduce service costs. And integrating them doesn't need to be a challenge for you. Let our Certified Apple Engineers assist you in every step of the integration process, working with your IT department to successfully integrate new Apple computers and mobile devices into your organization.

System Installation and Deployment

We provide our clients with the best products and service including on-site installation, configuration, and training. Our hardware and software is always tested in-house prior to delivery to ensure that everything is working properly.


We can integrate your Macs into your Windows network, and connect them to your Exchange server or to Active Directory, implement your backup, antivirus, and security policies on your Macs.


Whether you’re migrating to OS X from Windows, or to OS X Server from Windows Server, we have the experience to transfer data, configure applications and services and upgrade your workstations to the latest version of Mac OS.

Backups & Data Recovery

MBS can help you avoid loss of critical data by implementing automated incremental backup solutions so you don’t have to remember to backup your valuable data via On-site, Off-site and Cloud-based services.

Video Collaboration

Our staff can help in setting up a Video Streaming Server to allow you to deliver audio and video over your intranet or extranet. We can also set up an intranet podcasting system allowing your company to disseminate audio and video with podcast subscriptions through iTunes.

Ongoing Service

We will continue to provide you with ongoing service and support from our knowledgeable staff to quickly and effectively solve any problem that may arise.

Mobile Computing

iOS devices will rapidly extend your business reach while keeping your team connected to your internal files and databases on the road. Formerly slow and tedious paper-based processes can be done in a fraction of the time, reducing data entry errors at the same time.

Please visit our iPad in business section to learn more.

Call us at (888) 354-0100 and let our Apple Specialists show you why using Macs is a good business idea.

BYOD Stores

MBS BYOD stores’ primary product offering consists of curated, approved and pre-configured mobile and desktop solutions created to cater the needs of specific departments across your organization.

Our BYOD stores can be configured to meet your product, access level and reporting needs

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